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  • Light Box Signs

    Show the world where your business is located with a colourful, illuminated light box sign from DixieSigns.

    Light Box

    A light box is a rectangular sheet of translucent plexiglas framed within a metal box. The box contains a series of rows of LEDs which can be controlled by a switch or an automated timer. Translucent, adhesive vinyl cut in the shape of text and logos are applied to the outer face. There are many way to get colourful and creative with light boxes. Call our designers today to learn more.

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    Illuminated Signs

    Sometimes a bright light box is too much and you would prefer a signage that is more subtle, yet still grabs attention. Illuminated signs are signs that have light cast upon them from a fixed light source. Imagine a spotlight cast upon a logo, that is an illuminated sign.

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