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  • Decals and Lettering

    DixieSigns provides decals, stickers, and window graphics throughout Toronto, Mississauga, and North York.


    Decals are printed on vinyl which has adhesive backing. Commonly referred to as stickers, decals are used for a variety of purposes such as labelling, artwork use, equipment personalization, decoration, etc.

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    Decals are avaialble with lamination which helps protect the print from scratches and fading. It is available in both matte and glossy finishes.


    printers can cut the printed vinyl to any shape. If the die cut decal is in multiple pieces, you will recieve the decal "masked". This simply means that it will be covered with masking tape to preserve the positioning of all the pieces of the decal. When you want to apply it, you simply stick the whole thing to your desired material, press the vinyl pieces into the material firmly, then peel away the masking tape. The vinyl piece should be smoothly applied to your material and the masking tape should come right off.

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